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# 1
The Best Tip Ever

This is by far the most important tip you will ever be given, and that is to always choose a product that has quality.

You are going to be promoting the product on your site so you are putting your credibility on the line. Make sure it is worth it! If you sell something that is inferior you are going to ruin your hard earned reputation.

# 2
Selling Your Product

When you work as an affiliate you can't assume that the visitors to your site know about your affiliate product or the benefits of it.

You need to tell them in a clear concise manner. Readers know only what you share about the product.

# 3
Choose Where You Sell the Affiliate

If you are going to place affiliate links on other sites you need to choose wisely to ensure that their site traffic will actually see the ads.

# 4
Selling Your Product

It is important to place your affiliate links and graphic ads in the right place so that your visitors will actually see them.

# 5
Does it Meet Your Requirements?

Have a look at the affiliate website to learn about the product. Then decide if it catches your attention, looks professional and useful and is sold on a site that is easy to navigate.

Does the site show you its address and phone number? Does it offer any type of warranty? This will help you decide if you would buy this product. If you would itís a good affiliate. If it doesn't meet your requirements and you wouldn't buy it, move on and find another product.

# 6
Take Advantage of Article Marketing

Be sure to submit top-notch articles to the article directories on a weekly basis.

Do not let this slide because it helps to build a routine for followers. If you cant take care of this hire a virtual writer.

# 7
Let's be Honest

When you are selling an affiliate's product you need to be honest about your intent. Let your site visitors know that you are involved in affiliate marketing. 

This will help you to build a loyal following. When your visitors click your referral link they will know where it's going and what your role is, which means it's more likely a sale will occur.

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